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About MYOM

How does it work?

MyOm headband is a patent pending technology based on EEG and neurofeedback. It senses the amount of randomness in thoughts and generates Om chants of variable length as audio. A shorter Om indicates a chattering mind whereas a longer Om indicates a calm mind.

It consists of three dry electrodes and an onboard microprocessor. The electrodes sense signals from prefrontal cortex region (forehead) of the brain. The onboard microprocessor filters the signals, establishes the relation between meditation level and length of an Om chant, and generates the cosmic vibrations of Om in real time instead of playing a pre-recorded audio file.

Why MyOm for meditation?

A beginner faces difficulty in starting the journey of meditation. There is usually no tangible feedback in mental training unlike physical training such as biceps, strong core and so on. Hence, building mental balance is often aimless and frustrating for a beginner.

MyOm headband provides feedback in meditation and helps him as a trainer. Moreover, the smart Om chanting reduces anxiety and builds patience. The positive feedback cycle of lengthening Om chants puts a beginner on the right track of his meditation journey.

Why Om as feedback?

Om is a sacred sound which has been a dominant chant in the vedic history to generate healing effects. The holy words - Om, Ameen and Amen as well as buddhist singing bowl generate the same audible frequency which is a harmonic of the cosmic vibration. This frequency of creation has calming effects on the mind and disperses the negative thoughts. Repetitive Om chanting leads to transcendental meditation.

Supported By

MyOm is proudly supported by Department of Science & Technology within the Ministry of Science & Technology (India) through a grant in National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) program.

User Testimonials

I have been regularly eating pills for high blood pressure for the past five years. The dosage has reduced from once a day to once in 15 days after using MyOm headband everyday in the morning.

Savita Gupta (Homemaker)

Meditating with MyOm headband is the perfect form of respite for me. I especially feel relaxed if I use it just before going to bed.

Deepika Khosla (Chief General Manager, Bharat Broadband Nigam Ltd.)

I have better sleeping pattern whenever I use MyOm headband. I am able to wake up early in the morning which otherwise is tough for me.

Lomash Goyal (Senior Software Developer,

I have been dealing with digestion and sleeping problems but MyOm has been helping me fall asleep peacefully each night and improve my digestion.

R S Gupta (Branch Manager, State Bank of India)

I feel a sense of stillness during a session with MyOm which is same as shavasana and pranayama. I’m also dealing well with my headache and work related stress.

Shivani Gupta (Homemaker)


Gaurav Gupta (

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur who has received B.Tech degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2011. Gaurav was the founder of Autobirdz Pvt Ltd which had a successful drone autopilot technology acquisition in Singapore. He has also worked as VP of product development with Infinium Robotics Singapore.

Gaurav is an active backpacker and has completed a round the world trip in 90 days.

Silky Gupta (

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur who has received B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering in 2015. She has worked as Chief Data Scientist with First WalkIn Technologies in Bangalore and as a Strategy Analyst with Loylty Rewardz in Mumbai.

Silky is proudly the younger sister of Gaurav and a certified advanced open water diver.

MyOm's Story

Co-founders of MyOm are often asked, “Why do you two have such an interest in meditation that you ended up making a technology solution for it?” There are at least three reasons. First, the idea of meditation appealed to them as an intuitive solution to treat their own depression. Second, they realized that there are many such people around who don’t have any aid in hand to begin with meditation. Third, the basic ideas of meditation are very elevating yet grounding for the entrepreneurial journey :)

An excerpt from the book “Feeling Good” by Dr. David Burns states, “Although depression is conventionally viewed as a medical illness, research studies indicate that genetic influences appear to account for only about 16 percent of depression. For many individuals, life influences appear to be the most important causes.”

One of the co-founders, Gaurav is one such individual. After successful stints of technology acquisition in Singapore and round the world trip in 90 days, depression creeped into his life. Antidepressants and therapy quietened his monkey mind temporarily but never helped him in identifying the root cause of lost vibrancy in his life. When his mentor at IIT Kanpur suggested to try three things for help - getting grounded at one place, meditation and getting married, the first two seemed most convincing to try :) However, his attempts to attain restful calm by meditating in an ashram and home seemed to fail and worsen his condition. Meanwhile, Silky was finding ways which Gaurav could take to get himself out of depression. Hence, they developed a solution for themselves and people who believe in technology and self-help.

Often times, it’s the pain we go through that makes us good at what we do. However, in order to cope with depression in a productive way, we have to be aware of why we experience it.

Then it becomes a simple question of how we want to cope.

Do we want our mind to be demonizing?

Or do we want it to guide us to positivity?

MyOm chooses the latter :)

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