Rescuing a Dog Shelter



As the Lockdown began in India, there was a dog shelter in a remote village on the outskirts of Pune which was facing tremendous hostility from the local residents. The conflict was ongoing since 2018 and the Corona pandemic just added fuel to the fire. Bidit Roy, our founder and a documentary filmmaker was filming the NGO (Make New Life) since 2019. He was in constant touch with the founding couple - Suvarna & Arun Pasare - who reside along with the animals and operate the shelter. Several cases of aggression against the shelter were reported to him and even to the local law enforcement agencies. Sadly, the relief provided were all short lived. Bidit knew something had to be done as the lives of the couple and their 130+ dogs & cats were in grave danger. Team MYOM regrouped after 3 year hiatus and decided to take up this Mega project of rescuing the dog shelter and the couple.

After an excruciating 5 months of efforts, Make New Life was relocated to a safe location in Kasarsai, near Hinjewadi. The shelter is still under construction as incessant rains and power outages has hampered the progress. But it has brought much needed relief to all our fellow earthlings and their parents Suvarna & Arun.

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The Ketto fundraiser raised around 2.8 lac over one half month in combined donations from India and overseas donors.

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The Impact

With the generosity of hundreds of donors, volunteers and well-wishers the Pasares continue to provide their love and care to hundreds of stray animals at their new abode in Kasarsai, peacefully.